KILLER ABS WILL KILL YOU – Sean Morris exhibition, Beach, London

16 Aug

If you are in London, Sean Morris of Perth, Western Australia has trekked up to your part of the world to put on a rad solo exhibition and accompanying zine at BEACH London! Killer Abs Will Kill You!

“Part tribute to the glory days of Mr. Universe and Jazzercise, part vision of a world where denim cutoffs are the ultimate workout attire and beer hats exist in harmony with fit balls… KAWKY takes you inside the swamp gym of your dreams, where Jane Fonda smokes cigarettes with her toes and real men lift barbells with their nipples.”

Here’s hoping as well, that anyone in the area has been unaffected by the recent madness.

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One Response to “KILLER ABS WILL KILL YOU – Sean Morris exhibition, Beach, London”

  1. lee 28. Nov, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    I hope this blog will come back soon, i found out about so many decent illustrators/ comics through it.

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